Tutorial: Fall Painting 3 Ways

It’s always the BEST DAY EVER when I get the paint out around here. Froot Loop has recently REALLY gotten into painting with brushes and instruments, although he still doesn’t like finger painting at all. Sensory issues… I have tried painting with Cocoa Puff a few times and he really seems to enjoy it if he’s in a good mood. 

Wishlist Wednesday 10/26/16

It's Wishlist Wednesday time! It's the time of the week where I find something I just HAVE to have on Amazon and share it with y'all! I found a Tshirt that I really think I need:  

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Tutorial: Turkey Can Handprint Craft

Thanksgiving! Some people call it Turkey Day, which sort of gets on my nerves a little, but really, the meal (at least the eating part) is all about the turkey, so I can see why it’s called that. 

This is a super cute turkey craft that can easily be used as centerpieces at your table or as cute gift boxes. This craft features your kiddos, but really, it’s going to have to be assembled by you, or your older kids.  

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Dish It Out

Brand: Melissa & Doug Product: Let's Play House Dishes

I sometimes try to buy toys that imitate real life. We aren’t trying to be or do Montessori or anything, but Froot Loop enjoys toys that sort of imitate life. I bought him these so he can have his own set of play dishes to use and wash. 

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Quickie Questions 10/24/2016

Happy Monday! It was sort of a rough weekend here. I need an extra cup of coffee this morning for sure. That leads us to this week's Quickie Question, where I ask y'all a super important question to get you talking in the comments. Don't be shy! This week's question:  

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Tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll and Foam Tree Craft

I love autumn. I love the cooler weather and all the fun food and back when I lived out east, I LOVED the leaves changing color. I still love it, but we don’t really have a beautiful foliage down here in South Texas.  

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Trigger warning: loss

This is a hard post for me to write. I’ve been putting it off because it’s so hard. I’ve actually had this post open on my computer for over a week. This weekend marks 5 years since I lost my first pregnancy.  

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Brand: Boon Product: Bath Buggies

Bath time! My boys sure love to play in the bathtub. We have a variety of different toys in there, just like we do outside of the tub.  

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Early Intervention Part 3

Well, today was Froot Loop's Preschool Evaluation. I want to write about it while I can still remember because I'm wiped out today and I'm going to pass out and take a nap after lunch.  

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Wishlist Wednesday 10/19/16

It's Wishlist Wednesday time! This is the part of the week where I find something on Amazon that I just HAVE TO HAVE! This week, I just really want sleep. Oh I need some good sleep! So, here's what I want:  

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