Stuck on You: Sticky Note Roundup

I love sticky notes. I found some cool ones I think I’m going to add to my collection. 

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Rockabye Baby

There are a few products that I used for Cocoa Puff that I did not have around when Froot Loop was a baby. One of these products is the Rock n Play Sleeper by Fisher Price.  

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Wishlist Wednesday 8/24/16

I'm traveling this week, so I'm going to keep this Wishlist Wednesday super short: but here's this week's item I just HAVE to have! 

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Dump, Rock, and Roll

Brand: Melissa & Doug Product: Stacking Construction Vehicles

One of Froot Loop’s favorite things to play with is his Melissa and Doug stacking construction vehicles. It combines his love of trucks, wheels, and puzzles! Plus, one of them is the color ORANGE, so we can’t go wrong! 

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Quickie Questions 8/22/2016

Whew. It's been a busy weekend. But, alas, it's Monday again and that means Quickie Questions time, where I ask a super important question to get y'all talking in the comments. This week:  

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PSA: Hurricane Safety

It is still hurricane season here in the US. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to September 30, but hurricanes can happen beyond those dates. Here is a roundup of information about hurricanes and how to stay safe, thanks to the National Weather Service, Red Cross, and NOAA.  

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Shower Curtain Roundup

Thanks to another link vortex, here are some fun shower curtains to update your bathroom! And no, I didn’t end up ordering one for myself. 

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When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Brand: Melissa & Doug Product: Pizza Party

Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza!? We eat it at least once a week here. It’s one of the few foods Froot Loop doesn’t complain about eating. 

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Wishlist Wednesday 8/17/16

It's Wishlist Wednesday time! This is the part of the week where I find something I just really want. Now, this week: This just looks like fun!  

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You're so Sharp!

Product: Pencil Sharpener

This quickie writeup seems a little silly since it’s for a pencil sharpener, but since I do so much coloring with colored pencils, I thought a quick review was warranted. I color with pencils a lot because the tips are sharp and can get into small spaces easier than other implements can. I also like how easy the colors are to blend.  

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