Wishlist Wednesday 4-19-17

Happy Wednesday! Wednesdays mean Wishlist Wednesdays here on the blog, and this week, I found an item that made me laugh really hard! Here it is:  

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Quickie Questions 4-17-17

Hello, all! It's Monday again, and once again that means it's time for Quickie Questions here at Mama Writes Reviews! This is when I ask y'all a SUPER DUPER important question to get you talking in the comments! This week's question:  

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Cave Tools Post

I recently got the opportunity to try out a fun product from Cave Tools! 

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Almond Oil

Product: Almond Oil

Here is another entry in my series of essential oil posts! This week’s post is actually about a carrier oil called Almond Oil, which is a newer oil for me! 

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PSA: Lightning Safety

With spring being severe weather season here in the US, here's a reminder of how to stay safe around lightning.  

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Quickie Questions 4-10-17

Happy Monday! I'm STILL very sick (we're going on over TWO WEEKS OF THIS!), but recovering, so once again, I'm going to keep this brief. This week's question:  

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Marble Painting "Tutorial"

Another fun activity we did over spring break was marble painting! I've seen the idea all over social media and thought we'd try it for ourselves.  

Bounce, Bounce, Baby!

Today's review is for a fun project Froot Loop and I did over spring break!  

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Wishlist Wednesday 4-5-17

It's the first Wishlist Wednesday for April 2017! I'm still not feeling well, so I'm going to make this quick:  

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He's a Lego Maniac!

Brand: Lego Product: Lego Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase

Well, it's official. I have a child old enough to play with real, actual Legos, and not the (still fun) Duplo or Megablocks. Lego has fairly recently come out with these JUNIOR sets, which are fully functional Lego pieces, but instead of having 16 little tiny pieces making up the body of a motorcycle, it's just one complete piece, making it easier for beginning Lego Maniacs!  

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