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Marble Painting "Tutorial"

Another fun activity we did over spring break was marble painting! I've seen the idea all over social media and thought we'd try it for ourselves. 


We have several beanbags around the house. I have made some out of about every material I could think of and I have also bought a few, like the ones in the affiliate link. I thought for awhile and came up with several uses for beanbags. 

My new cool filing system

I instituted a new system in our household this year. In addition to using a very detailed planner and household binder, we use a filing system to keep track of papers and small things we need. It’s actually a pretty easy system.

Recipe/Tutorial: Butternut Squash Soup!

It's finally getting a little colder here in South Texas. We had a brief cold snap earlier, but it lasted only 2 days! I'm from the mountains... I want some COLD WEATHER! 

So, here's a fun recipe for one of my favorites: Butternut Squash Soup! Enjoy and let me know how you like it. I've included several variations that I've tried over the years.

Tutorial: DIY Crash Pad

We still have the weekend until preschool starts up again and Froot Loop is going crazy with cabin fever. He needed to run around and get some of his crazy energy out. I thought I’d make him a crash pad to put next to his bean bag chairs so he could jump in/on it. 

Tutorial: Paper Plate Sunshine Craft

“You are My Sunshine” is the first song I sang to both of my boys, and it is my go-to song whenever one of them needs some extra comfort. It holds special meaning to me because it was the song my dad sang to me when I was little as well. I love this song and I always will. 

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Tutorial: Turkey Can Handprint Craft

Thanksgiving! Some people call it Turkey Day, which sort of gets on my nerves a little, but really, the meal (at least the eating part) is all about the turkey, so I can see why it’s called that. 

This is a super cute turkey craft that can easily be used as centerpieces at your table or as cute gift boxes. This craft features your kiddos, but really, it’s going to have to be assembled by you, or your older kids. 

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Tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll and Foam Tree Craft

I love autumn. I love the cooler weather and all the fun food and back when I lived out east, I LOVED the leaves changing color. I still love it, but we don’t really have a beautiful foliage down here in South Texas. 

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Easy Ball Pit "Tutorial"

Here’s an inexpensive and super easy idea for kiddos of all ages, from just sitting up to grade school (or maybe beyond since I want one too!). 

There's Something Shady Going On Here

It gets so hot here in South Texas and we have to get creative to keep cool. We have a new AC unit that cost almost as much as our car and it’s worth every penny, but we still try to keep our electric bills down as much as possible and run the AC less. 

One of the ways we lose so much of the cool air in our house is through our super thin windows. We still have the original windows from the 1970s… single pane, paper thin… 

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