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I'm excited to give a review about this cool book. Both of my boys have absolutely loved it, as well as other books in the series. 

This is Cocoa Puff’s new favorite book. The first few times I read it, I simply turned the page and said the color name (loudly and silly of course). Fits of giggles later, we read it a few times this way. 

After he got used to the colors, I started naming a few of the objects on the page. Cocoa Puff got overwhelmed if I did more than 3-4 on a page. There’s quite a few colors in this book (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black/White, Silver, Gold, Brown, Multi), so even 3 objects per page adds up fast! A few times, I’ve just done a few colors and gone over more objects on just those pages. 

With Froot Loop, I like to sit with him and ask him to find a fruit or a vegetable or sports equipment, school supplies, etc. on each page. We’re also working on sight words. He’s known his colors since he was barely 2. This book was one of the reasons he learned them so young! I’m hoping Cocoa Puff learns quickly too (but not too quickly because I don’t want him to grow up TOO FAST!). 

This book is a great way to teach colors and more to your kiddos. There are also more tabbed books by this company, some of which Cocoa Puff got for Christmas! There’s numbers, animals, words, farm, busy home, things that go, zoo, busy day, playtime, and more. These would be fantastic for learning to count and also sight words and animal sounds. There’s so much you can do with these books!

The pictures are great and the colors are bright, vibrant, and engaging. I’m pleased with the variety of pictures on each page. The books are large and sturdy. This color book has held up very well with two rowdy boys. It has been chewed on, dropped, thrown, run over, splashed, and more. Only one of the corners on one of the pages is coming apart (that’s the one that sat in liquid for awhile). I love the tabbed pages. You can pick your page in an instant and see every page at a glance. 

I also love that Froot Loop can “read” this book to his little brother. They can sit together and Froot Loop can point out all the different pictures and colors to Cocoa Puff. Those are the memories I want them to build. Those are the things I want them to do together. 

What are your kiddo’s favorite color?


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Review Topics: Baby, Book, Educational