Roundup of pool floats

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Pool season is coming! Well, it is coming sooner here in south Texas where we actually went swimming in our kiddie pool back in FEBRUARY!

I came across this silly doughnut pool float and got trapped in a link vortex, so here is a roundup of pool floats and for your added pleasure, your personality when you use them.

Toilet Seat: Dumpy.

Pretzel: Twisted.

Watermelon: Fruity!

[Pineapple}(asin:B01AY9Q8M0): Juicy.

Whale: Fishy.

Gummy Bear: Sweet.

Baseball Glove: Sporty.

Flamingo: Pinky.

And here are a couple bonus floats! 

Water Wheel This looks like so much fun.

Poop: Disgusting. I wouldn’t even do this. 

Do you have a pool float? Does it have a personality?

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