Supermarket Sweep

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One of my favorite shows as a kid was Supermarket Sweep! I used to strategize with my mom about what we would do if we were on the show. Now, 20 years later (!!!!), Honey Graham and I watch these together and make fun of the hairstyles and clothes and so on. 

However, what if they brought the show back!? I would be SO READY to play. Now, if I was on the show from the 90s, there were several monkeymakers available, depending on what season it was. 

Magazine list. There was a list of magazines and you had to collect them. This usually didn’t take very much time and it was a pretty high bonus. I’d totally attempt this. The reward is worth the few seconds of not being in the market. 

Shopping list. I would sort of attempt this one, depending on what the items were. If it meant going a long way out my way to get the items on the list, I don’t think the reward would be worth the missed time. 

Coffee. You can always grab other items while you’re grinding the coffee. I would go for this. 

Candy/Jelly Belly. You have to do it quickly, and the bonus is worth the time. I would go for this too if I had time. 

Bread Center. You had to grab and wrap up a specified list of items. I would attempt this toward the end of the sweep if I had already grabbed everything else I intended to grab and had enough time left. 

Frozen Yogurt. I think this took too much time. You were out of the market for too long and it was kind of out the way. I don’t think it was worth it. 

TV monitors. I would not go out of my way to do this, but if I happened to find them along the way, I’d go for it. 

Sandwich shop. I think this is worth the reward. It only takes a few seconds to make the sandwich. I’d do it first before running into the market. 

Canned stars/Managers special. I always HATED it when shoppers attempted this. You could get lucky and find one in a few seconds, but I just think it would take too long and I would get way too antsy to attempt this. 

Stack Job. You had to stack the cups a certain way. Seems like a waste of time to me. 

Recycling. If you found a bag during your shopping, you could hand it off to your partner and they would run over and recycle everything for a bonus. Since your partner is doing it, it seems worth it!

Cracker Jack. I don’t remember what this one was. 

Bonuses. GRAB ALL THE BONUSES! (I know, you’re only allowed one per customer)

So, here’s what I would do. I would immediately run for the cosmetics aisle. Those stinking razors are worth a bundle! Then I’d go down the drug aisle and load up on expensive over the counter medication. The boxes are small and pricey so they don’t take up a lot of room in your cart. It takes a lot of time to exchange carts, so you want to go for small, expensive items.

Then, I’d race down the Baby aisle. Baby stuff is expensive and small. Formula (although I was fortunate enough to not have to buy a lot of it) is SO EXPENSIVE! And also meds and baby food, etc. etc. 

Next, I’d go down the Baking/Spices aisle. The large olive and coconut oil containers are small enough and very expensive. Also, saffron and vanilla are SUPER expensive, but most spices are on the expensive end anyway. I’d load up on the maximum of those. I’d also try to grab baking nuts. I never buy these because they’re so expensive. 

I would also get batteries! ALL THE BATTERIES! If the store sold printer ink, I’d get a ton of that too because I swear printer manufacturers think their ink is made of gold or something. 

If the store had an organic aisle, I’d grab containers of predispensed and prepackaged nuts, candy, and so on. Some nuts are upwards of $15 a pound! 

Also expensive and small is precut produce! Convenience comes at a cost, you know! 

I would NOT load up on heavy detergents. They are heavy and make the cart hard to move. They also take up too much space.

If I had time, I’d go get the cheeses and the smaller expensive meats. It always drove me crazy when the shoppers would go get the ham, cheese, sausages, turkeys, and then immediately have to go get a new cart! It wastes so much time!  

So yes, I’d go for the small, pricey items. I’d want to maximize the amount of time actually in the store shopping. Not having to exchange carts would save a lot of time. A lot of those small cosmetic and pharmacy items cost just as much as those huge detergents and meats and cheeses and take up a fraction of the space in the cart! 

What about you!? What would you go for first!? 

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