Report Cards!!!

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Well, it's report card time again. I never did publish the last one from 6 weeks ago because I was pretty disappointed. I will include it in this update! 

Here's the report card from last time: 

Overall, he's participating in learning centers, outdoor play equipment, group activities, books & stories, music/movement activities, and so forth. He's also using a variety of materials, following school rules, taking care of his personal needs, walking in a line, listening & following simple directions, working independently and being responsible

His occupational therapist is very pleased with his progress. His motor skills are improving. He's learning to write his name, drawing a person, house, and animal, and working on scissors. 

As far as speech therapy, He's still having trouble playing cooperatively with other kids. He needs frequent prompting to use his words and he does a lot better interacting when the small group has a structured activity led by an adult.

He's still not really improving on his consonant clusters and imitating pretend play, participating in finger plays and songs, taking turns and sharing. 


And now, for the most recent update! 

He's still improving in all of the "traditional" preschool areas like the learning centers and so forth. One of his teachers just told me the other day that he's finally starting to let loose when they have music time. He's no longer dancing with his hands in front of him and making minimal movements. He's actually dancing like a goofy boy like he does at home! I was so glad to hear this! 

His occupational therapist has said that he's mastered cutting across a paper and so they're moving on to cutting shapes and lines! Yay! He is also working on writing his name and she's seeing improvement (I am, too!). He can also draw a sun a person, a tree, and balloons with verbal prompts and some help. 

His speech report card is always very in depth because they are working on so many areas! 5 out of 10 times, Froot Loop joins in other children's play. This is an improvement, but he still needs some adult prompting, especially if it's an activity he's not super crazy about. 

He still needs work on using verbalization to invite classmates to play with him. He only does this about 40% of the time and some major adult intervention.  This is pretty much the same when it comes to cooperative play. He really needs adult prompting to participate most of the time. 

Now, onward to speech articulation. He's still working on blended sounds. His tongue sits too far forward in his mouth and that disrupts his speech. They're trying to get him to talk with his tongue behind his teeth. 

As far as behavior and general social development, he's making progress! About half the time, he will imitate play activities. He wants to constantly play in the kitchen and block centers, but they're working on getting him interested in other areas. (I'm working on this too with him) Also, about half the time, he complies with the school rules with no hesitation. He generally does follow the rules (they call him their little rule follower), but sometimes he needs a little bit of extra motivation. 

Froot Loop still hesitates to participate in finger plays and songs and needs a lot of encouragement to join in. I think this is something I'm really going to have to work with him on this summer. I bought Cocoa Puff some finger puppets for Easter and I can try to work with Froot Loop on it too. 

The notes on the report card says that he complies with teacher request about half the time, but sometimes he just gives a blank stare and they have to repeat the request. 

And now, when it comes to sharing and taking turns, he's still not wild about this. He only does it about 30% of the time. He doesn't remember that the toys and materials in the classroom are not his! 

Overall, I'm pleased. He's coming along. His Sunday School teachers and Mission Kids teachers at school are noticing social and behavioral improvement by leaps and bounds. He actually wants to color and do art too! I'm so happy! 


How often do you get your kids' report cards? 

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