Wishlist Wednesday 5-3-2017

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Wednesdays mean Wishlist Wednesday time! Without further ado, here's this week's: 

This fun magnetic gear set looks like so much fun! Both of the boys are interested in things that move, and my parents have this fun gears set that they bring out when the boys come over. 

This set even sticks to the refrigerator! Woo! 

Gearation amazes kids with 5 brightly colored, turning, rotating, goofy gears. Turn it on and add gears and watch as they flip, turn and almost mesmerize. Control the speed with the fast or slow button. The magnetic gears allows you to arrange and rearrange with endless possibilities. Includes 5 interlocking gears. One battery operated central gear features an on/off switch.

Do your kids love magnets?

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