Gerber Lil Bits Purees

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I wrote this review a LONG time ago! Cocoa Puff has always loved food and never had a problem eating. So, here is this review as I wrote it last year: 

Cocoa Puff has been eating stage 3 foods for months now. He also has been eating table food for awhile, but he still enjoys pureed baby food. We kind of do a variety. I often make some rice or ground meat and add a jar of puree to it and he seems to really enjoy it. 

Anyway, since we’ve moved beyond the stage 2 and stage 3 purees, I saw these Gerber Lil Bits purees on the baby food shelf and thought we’d try them. 

They come in tons of different flavors, and they are a great idea for introducing new textures into your baby’s diet. It helps them learn how to chew and mash food as their cute little teeth come in. It’s about the consistency of applesauce and has tiny, pea-sized chunks of soft food mixed in. Cocoa Puff has no problem with these little chunks and he can chew them and mash them before swallowing. 

Froot Loop had major issues with textures in his food. There is NO way he would have been able to handle these as a baby. I think he was about 15-18 months before we were able to include any other textures in his baby food. I had to puree EVERYTHING we gave him. So, if your baby has sensory or texture issues with food, they probably won’t be able to handle this food. 

What were the first foods you fed your babies? 

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Review Topics: Baby, Food & Drink