Quickie Questions 5/15/17

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Happy Monday everyone. I hope y'all had a good Mother's Day. I'll include an update on our life here in this Quickie Question post: 

So last week was not the best of weeks. Monday, I spent the entire day helping mom get ready for her surgery and also trying to get as much done around the house as possible because I knew it would be a crazy week. Tuesday was Mom's surgery, so after dropping Froot Loop off at school, I got Cocoa Puff ready for the day. Honey Graham covered for my dad at work (crazy story... my Dad now has the job that my husband had when we first moved here!) so he was gone all day. Honey Graham's mom came over with our nephew to watch Cocoa Puff. Froot Loop was going to go to our friend's house after lunch and he was SO GOOD I actually asked who he was and what he did with Froot Loop. :) So, I drove down to San Antonio to wait with my dad (I was more there as moral support for Dad than because of the actual surgery, but I'm glad I was there for Mom too). I stopped at Hobby Lobby first to look for craft supplies and I never heard back from my parents if they got checked in or anything! So, I start getting a little concerned, and concern turned into worry, and finally I said to myself that I just need to get to the hospital even though it was early. I got to the hospital, and just as I was walking into the building, I got a call from the hospital. I picked up and it was my Dad telling me that they were getting ready to take Mom back and sorry, they tried over and over to call and get ahold of me, but the surgery center is two floors underground so they had zero cell reception. 

So, I made my way to the surgery waiting room and waited for Dad to hand off Mom to the capable hands of the surgery team. By this time it was pretty much lunch time, so we went and got lunch in the cafeteria and then back to the waiting room where I did some work and reading and VBS prep. My dad read for awhile and then actually took a nap, so that was good. 

Finally, the surgeon came out and told us that Mom did great, there was no sign of cancer, and she's in recovery and we could see her in an hour or two. So we waited some more. Then, when we got the all clear, Dad went back to see her and then came and got me so I could say hi. She was fine... tired and groggy but fine. I didn't stay for too long because I felt like I was in the way and I wanted to give them the privacy they needed. I went to Target and spent over an hour just shopping by myself. It was glorious. 

I got home after dinner and hugged the boys for a few minutes and then got them ready for bed and then went to bed myself. Exhausting day. 

Wednesday, I took Cocoa Puff to the hospital to spend an hour or two with Mom since I felt bad she was there by herself. We stopped at Walmart first to check out stuff I might need for VBS and grab a snack to take with us. Mom was doing well at the hospital and we spent a couple of hours there and ate lunch with her and then I went back home. Cocoa Puff slept the entire way home and he really had fun at the hospital. Then I had normal Wednesday stuff like choir. I spent extra time with Crunch Berries because she was NOT DOING WELL AT ALL and I knew it was time. We called the vet and made her final appointment and then I cried all night. Meanwhile, my mom was discharged and came home! 

Thursday, I took Froot Loop to school and then wandered around the house, pacing and waiting for 9:30 to roll around to take her to the vet. She was not well and just laid down in her bed. I took her out back to say goodbye to Lucky Charms and let Cocoa Puff say goodbye to her too. I wrapped her in her blanket and put her in the back of the car. I got to the vet and she didn't even care. I swear, she knew it was coming, and she was grateful. I put her on the table and just held her and talked to her and cried and cried and cried. Soon the vet came in, took a quick look at her, nodded at me, and put the needle in. Crunch Berries didn't even care. Then, she was gone. I cried and cried and cried some more. 

Mom called me just as I was leaving since she had just woken up. I went over there to help her get situated for the day and make her some lunch and stuff. We cried together, then I went home, where Honey Graham and I cried some more. We decided to get her cremated, and I'm grateful, because I don't think I could have handled burying her. We did try to dig a hole in the garden, but the stupid rocks made it impossible. 

I was a mess the whole day. I couldn't even function. I didn't do anything all day. I felt sick. I felt empty. I felt so sad. 

I miss you, Crunch Berries. I miss you so much. 

Friday was the pre-k trip to the zoo! We all needed this distraction so I dropped Froot Loop off at school and then loaded up Cocoa Puff and drove there too. We had such a good time. Cocoa Puff loved the flamingoes and I think Froot Loop's favorite was the giraffes or the anaconda! He brought his camera and took a handful of really good pictures. We even rode the carousel and the train. 

Then Saturday, we looked at some dogs who desperately needed a home. Yes it's soon, but we felt the need to help a dog who was going to be put down. We pick up the TWO DOGS this afternoon. 

Mother's Day was an okay day. We went to Church and then stopped at my mom and dad's house for lunch. We made pizza. Then we took the boys home and they napped HARD for over two hours. Then we went to Honey Graham's sister's house and spent a couple hours with her, our nephew, their mom, and the animals. 


So that's our life right now. It's been crazy. This week's goals are to get the laundry folded, adjust to life with two new dogs, and get the art/craft/science projects picked out for VBS. 

And now finally for the Quickie Question: What are your goals for the week? 

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