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Quickie Questions 5/15/17

Happy Monday everyone. I hope y'all had a good Mother's Day. I'll include an update on our life here in this Quickie Question post: 

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Wishlist Wednesday 5-3-2017

Wednesdays mean Wishlist Wednesday time! Without further ado, here's this week's: 

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Report Cards!!!

Well, it's report card time again. I never did publish the last one from 6 weeks ago because I was pretty disappointed. I will include it in this update! 

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Wishlist Wednesday 4-26-17

I can't believe April is almost over! I enjoy the month of April usually; however, I am really looking forward to May and June this year! Anyway, here's this week's Wishlist Wednesday item: 

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Quickie Questions 4-17-17

Hello, all! It's Monday again, and once again that means it's time for Quickie Questions here at Mama Writes Reviews! This is when I ask y'all a SUPER DUPER important question to get you talking in the comments! This week's question: 

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Marble Painting "Tutorial"

Another fun activity we did over spring break was marble painting! I've seen the idea all over social media and thought we'd try it for ourselves. 

Green Kid Crafts April Sale!

You guys! I just got an email from Green Kid Crafts about their April savings! This is too good to pass up... read on below. 

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St Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

We've been having fun playing with our St. Patrick's Day sensory bin! 

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We have several beanbags around the house. I have made some out of about every material I could think of and I have also bought a few, like the ones in the affiliate link. I thought for awhile and came up with several uses for beanbags. 

Sensory Processing Disorder: Tools for Proprioception/Body Awareness Stimuli

This is part 6, the last part, of my Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Tools of the trade series. This post HERE is the one that started it all, with a huge summary of what SPD is and our struggles with it with Froot Loop. Keep reading for some tools and toys that have helped us on our SPD journey.

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