Quickie Questions 5/15/17

Happy Monday everyone. I hope y'all had a good Mother's Day. I'll include an update on our life here in this Quickie Question post: 

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And now a word...

Hey all, I hate to do this to y'all again, but I need to take this week off. My mom's having surgery and Crunch Berries is very sick. Plus, Friday is the preschool zoo trip and I'm honestly just worn out and don't have it in me this week. I sincerely apologize and I will see you next week. 

PSA: Rip Currents

Thank you to the National Weather Service for this Rip Current Safety info! 

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Wishlist Wednesday 5-3-2017

Wednesdays mean Wishlist Wednesday time! Without further ado, here's this week's: 

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Quickie Questions 5-1-17

Happy May! I like the month of May... It's still spring, but summer is starting. Mother's Day, Nice weather, Lots of flowers and butterflies... 

Here's today's Quickie Question, where I ask y'all a super duper important question to get you talking in the comments! This week's question: 

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Report Cards!!!

Well, it's report card time again. I never did publish the last one from 6 weeks ago because I was pretty disappointed. I will include it in this update! 

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Supermarket Sweep

One of my favorite shows as a kid was Supermarket Sweep! I used to strategize with my mom about what we would do if we were on the show. Now, 20 years later (!!!!), Honey Graham and I watch these together and make fun of the hairstyles and clothes and so on. 

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Roundup of pool floats

Pool season is coming! Well, it is coming sooner here in south Texas where we actually went swimming in our kiddie pool back in FEBRUARY!

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Wishlist Wednesday 4-26-17

I can't believe April is almost over! I enjoy the month of April usually; however, I am really looking forward to May and June this year! Anyway, here's this week's Wishlist Wednesday item: 

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Quickie Questions 4-24-17

It's Monday! It's the last Monday in April already. Of course, I spent the majority of the month super sick, so I have no idea where the month went! This week's question: