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Essential Oils: Shea Butter

Product: Shea Butter

Shea butter is great. I have used it alone and mixed with other ingredients to make body butters and other products and it feels great. It makes your skin so soft and smooth. It smells okay (a little different) and doesn't leave greasy residue on your skin. It's great for dry skin and small abrasions. 

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Almond Oil

Product: Almond Oil

Here is another entry in my series of essential oil posts! This week’s post is actually about a carrier oil called Almond Oil, which is a newer oil for me!

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Lemon Essential Oil

Here's another installment of the essential oils I love to use! This week is Lemon!

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Essential Oils: Lavender

Product: Lavender

Lavender essential oil is extremely versatile. if you use only one essential oil, this would be a great one to use. It has so many uses and is so good for you. It is also safe to use around babies and young children. It can even be used internally if you are careful.

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Carrier On My Wayward Son: Carrier Oils

Product: Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils are an important part of using essential oils. The vast majority of the time, essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin due to the risk of skin irritation because the oils are so concentrated. 

This article is one in a series about essential oils and how to use them or make cosmetics from them. 

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I'm going to write about another essential oil today. 

Cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet. People have been using it for millennia due to its medicinal qualities.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

I'm relatively new to the world of essential oils, but once I started using them, I started swearing by them! I use them for about everything now. I am getting over a horrible allergy fit with a lot of coughing. I used a bunch of essential oils combined with cough syrup (the good stuff too, since Froot Loop stopped nursing) and it's nearly gone! 

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Pump Around, Pump Around!

Brand: Ameda Product: Purely Yours

One of the most important decisions you will make after you have decided to breastfeed is if you’re going to pump too. Not every breastfeeding mother needs a pump, but I sure did. With Froot Loop, I never did quite make enough, so I had to pump all the time to try to boost my supply (I did a ton of other things too, but that’s a whole other post!). Second time around with Cocoa Puff, I was quickly able to only need to pump twice a day, and I recently retired my pump. I like to keep a huge stash in the freezer for making baby purees and baby cereal or whatever. 

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Snots McGee

Product: Nasal Aspirators

Of all the bits and bobs that you need when you’ve got a baby, a battery powered nasal aspirator is in my top five. Our first kiddo, when he was younger than a year old, had a cold with a lot of nasal congestion. The squeezy ball aspirator just wasn’t doing it and he kept screaming louder (producing more and more goo). Realizing this wasn’t going to work, I made a trip to Walmart and found a battery powered nasal aspirator. Now on our second kiddo, we thought we’d get a new aspirator just for him. Unfortunately, we’ve had a chance to use it!

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You're turning Violet, Violet!

Product: Gentian Violet

I found a product that used to be used quite frequently but for some reason, people stopped using! I had a strange rash that would go away, but then keep coming back no matter what I did. I would clear it up with tea tree oil, but then it came back a few weeks later. I’d put TTO on it again and it would go away but it would keep coming back! I did not know what else to try. I tried fungal creams, antibiotics, various essential oils, calamine lotion, benadryl, everything. Finally a friend of a friend suggested I look for gentian violet! 

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