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Water under glass

I must have about 20 different water bottles around the house. They're different materials (copper, aluminum, plastic, glass, etc.), different types (filtered, infuser, straw, sippy, etc.), different sizes, colors, and so on and so on. Honey Graham likes this particular water bottle so much that he keeps stealing it from me! Read on for more... 

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Buckwheat Cushion

I have extremely tight hips, especially after my last pregnancy. I can barely sit in lotus position for any length of time anymore. I thought I would try this cushion to sit on to try to get deeper into those seated poses, plus it gives us an extra "seat" in the living room. Both of the boys love to sit on it or crawl on it too.

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On a Roll(er)

Product: Foam Roller

I started doing foam rolling when I started training for my half marathon. As the weekly miles piled up and the strength training increased, I would often end up with extremely sore muscles. I absolutely hate ice baths and I'm not convinced those are the best way to go anyway as the ice bath reduces the inflammation and the inflammation is what makes your muscles break down and rebuild stronger. 

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