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Bounce, Bounce, Baby!

Today's review is for a fun project Froot Loop and I did over spring break! 

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Green Kid Crafts Sale

The Spring sale begins today with 50% off the first month of new subscriptions PLUS an additional 25% off all single Discovery Boxes.

Caddy- shack!

Product: Utensil Holder

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your holiday and I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones! Save travels if you are going anywhere. 

This write up is going to be quick and dirty since it’s for a plastic utensil holder… 

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You're so Sharp!

Product: Pencil Sharpener

This quickie writeup seems a little silly since it’s for a pencil sharpener, but since I do so much coloring with colored pencils, I thought a quick review was warranted. I color with pencils a lot because the tips are sharp and can get into small spaces easier than other implements can. I also like how easy the colors are to blend. 

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Ring around the easel

Brand: Step 2 Product: All Around Double Sided Easel

An item that every home with kids should have is a double sided easel. Froot Loop has this one. It’s the Step 2 double sided easel. One side is a magnetic white board with a clip for holding paper. The other side is a chalk board. This double sided feature is great because it can accommodate one or two kids at a time, whether they be siblings or friends. Now if we could only prevent the fighting over the whiteboard… 

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ABC adventures

Froot Loop and I did a fun activity. We tried spelling, lacing, and sorting with manuscript letter beads. Then, we made a sensory bottle with some recycleables and art supplies! 

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This is a stick(er) up!

Brand: Melissa & Doug Product: Reusable Stickers

We have a bunch of these reusable stickers from Melissa and Doug. Froot Loop loves stickers and these are a great way to play with stickers. They’re not actually stickers in that they have adhesive on them. They’re made of vinyl and are more “cling on” than stickers. They’re sort of like the Colorforms we used to have back in the day, only more awesome.

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