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Gerber Lil Bits Purees

I wrote this review a LONG time ago! Cocoa Puff has always loved food and never had a problem eating. So, here is this review as I wrote it last year: 

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Essential Oils: Coconut Oil!

Product: Coconut Oil

We started using coconut oil in our household about a year ago. We replaced olive oil as our cooking oil of choice. I also use it for my homemade skin products. I even use it on the boys and dogs.

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Cave Tools Post

I recently got the opportunity to try out a fun product from Cave Tools!

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Almond Oil

Product: Almond Oil

Here is another entry in my series of essential oil posts! This week’s post is actually about a carrier oil called Almond Oil, which is a newer oil for me!

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Brand: Learning Resources Product: Cupcakes

Froot Loop found a set of play cupcakes at my parents’ house that I had as a kid. It’s a set of 4 cupcakes with 4 different colored frosting tops. There’s also a cute tray that the cupcakes sit in. Basically, all you do is put the different cupcake tops on the cupcakes and put them in and take them out of the cupcake tray, but it was one of my favorite things to play with and now it’s his too! 

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Froot Loop has a slight obsession with play food. We have other Hape products and they are so fun as well.

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Brand: Melissa & Doug Product: Ice Cream Scoop Set

Here is your second helping of ice cream reviews! Twofer Tuesday! Woot woot! 

Since the Plastic Ice Cream sets were such a big hit with Froot Loop, we put a better quality set on his wishlist for Christmas last year and he got it! 

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He screams, I scream for Ice Cream

Today is going to be a two-fer Tuesday! TWO reviews on ice cream toys, because who doesn't love ice cream? Well, who besides me, because I'm lactose sensitive and cannot eat ice cream... but I do love me some frozen yogurt! 

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Water under glass

I must have about 20 different water bottles around the house. They're different materials (copper, aluminum, plastic, glass, etc.), different types (filtered, infuser, straw, sippy, etc.), different sizes, colors, and so on and so on. Honey Graham likes this particular water bottle so much that he keeps stealing it from me! Read on for more... 

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Froot Loop got a play salad set from Hape for Christmas last year. He went through a salad phase when he would eat a lot of lettuce, so Santa Claus thought he would love this pretend salad set that he could eat over and over and over again! 

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