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A Double Review of Android Boxes!

We are very into technology around here. The 4 year old already knows his way around a tablet and the basics of a Linux computer. The 1 year old can already use a mouse. We feel that technology is a part of us and is all around us and is an invaluable tool that they will need to master at a very young age. No worries, they still have books and play outside and have lots of toys that don't require batteries. Everything in moderation. That being said, we bought two different Android boxes to try to find one for Froot Loop to use. 

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Barcode Scanners are Fun!

Product: Barcode Scanner

I’ve been looking for a barcode scanner for inventory — for both business and personal uses. This wireless scanner allows me to wander around the room and quickly scan items. The scanner is very lightweight. It scans barcodes on books, DVDs, CDs, etc. (It doesn’t scan QR 2D codes, just the standard barcodes we’ve had around for a while.)

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